Asphalt Paving

Residential & Commercial Asphalt Paving for the Winston-Salem, NC area

Before you look for a new paving contractor in Winston-Salem, NC, know the ins and outs of asphalt paving. Repaving your driveway or parking lot isn't the most exciting and glamorous remodeling job, but it's unavoidable. You need to choose a quality paving contractor, or else you'll pay more in renovation costs. Our contractors at Angell Paving are honest, up front, and communicative about any project we start. 

We currently maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an organization that holds companies accountable and sets high standards in all areas for businesses. You can trust that our asphalt paving job, from start to finish, will be worth every penny.

Angell Paving Winston-Salem, NC

Our Asphalt Paving Services:

When it comes to asphalt, Angell Paving is the company to trust in Winston-Salem, NC. Our paving contractors understand how to properly pave driveways, roads, walkways, parking lots, and more. We offer all related services to asphalt paving, including sealcoating and maintenance. Compared to other companies in the area, our prices are competitive and affordable.

Driveway Paving

Since driveways are what neighbors and visitors first see when they come to your home, your driveway needs to stand out. Our driveway paving services will last for over two decades, because we create a solid and firm foundation before installation. Angell Paving can install concrete or asphalt driveways. Each material has pros and cons. Asphalt driveways are easier to install, but may require more asphalt maintenance over the years. Concrete driveways may crack more easily during the wintertime.

Chip Seal & Seal Coating

After asphalt is set, a chip seal or seal coating treatment needs to be applied. Our paving contractors will suggest what type of treatment to move forward with, depending how often the road, parking lot, or driveway is used. We ensure that all of our asphalt paving services are durable and long-lasting.

Asphalt Paving for Homes & Businesses

Nobody wants to walk, run, or ride their bikes on a broken sidewalk, parking lot, or driveway. It's uncomfortable, and even dangerous. If your home or business has broken, cracked sidewalks, you should call us for asphalt paving. Homes and businesses all over the Winston-Salem, NC area need asphalt paving from time to time. When you keep your parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks up to code, you're doing your community and your customers a favor.

Please Give One of Our Paving Contractors a Call to Get Started on Your Next Project.

Whether you need driveway paving or asphalt paving, the experts at Angell Paving have you covered. Our technicians will work with you to provide the paving contractor services you need. For more information and questions concerning paving, give us a call today. We look forward to providing you the finest asphalt paving services the Winston-Salem, NC area has to offer.
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